Thursday, October 6, 2011

The birth of our book club blog!

Hello all!
My sister Amanda and I have decided that although all of us are busy, and miles away from eachother, we can still have a book club. Where all of us bookies (the none bat wielding-high interest rate kind) can get together and share our thoughts, and express our feelings about books that we have read and loved, or hated. The blog title is the first 100 pages, simply because we want every reader to give the first 100 pages of any book a chance. So if you want to recomend a book, or if you want to read one on the list-you must be willing to read at least the first 100 pages of it, even if it is boring you to tears, are offended by it, or (gasps from cyndi) you don't like fantasy novels. We believe that giving any book , even one that isn't your cup of tea, 100 pages of your time can help us all to see the world from a different point of view.


  1. HELLO HELLO!! (This is Amanda talking)
    Like my sister said we are willing to give any book a chance and want the same from you. We are really excited to talk about books and find new ones to read and hopefully have some of the books we enjoy be enjoyd by you. So we would love it if we could get some recomendations on some great books, and like the title of our blogs says we will read at least the first 100 pages and hope you will to.

  2. What a great idea! That is very cool!