Friday, October 21, 2011

Certain Slant of Light

Hello all! We wanted to recomend Laura Whitcomb's Certain Slant of Light. It is an amazingly unique GHOST story. The writing is beautiful and poetic and the story will blow you away. Don't be turned off by the GHOST story aspect. I wasn't so sure myself when I picked it up, but I am glad I did. So pick it up and give it 100 pages to pull you into it's world.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Hunger Games

I don't know if I should write about the whole series, or just the first book-since some of you are just diving into Suzanne Collins' amazing trilogy. So, for now, I will just reel about the first book; The Hunger Games. I was immediately riveted by the dystopian world that she painted in the very first chapter. We find the main character, Katniss, leaving the fence surrounding District 12 to, of all things a 16 year old girl could be doing, hunt. She meets up with Gale and I was very intrigued by their relationship, partners on the hunt, in each other’s minds to the point that they can almost communicate without words. I am a sucker for romance and I am always sucked into an original version of the old 'tyrannical government oppression', and this book had both. It was a YA book like none other that I had ever experienced. Katniss was such an amazingly unique character, you route for her and admire her the minute she stands into her younger sisters place. Throwing herself into almost certain death. Then in the Hunger games you are amazed by her resourcefulness, while at the same time wishing that she could be more romantically inclined. PEETA, how I loved his genuineness! It was, and I know that it is silly to say about a very sci-fi-esk book, amazingly realistic. I mean how romantic is a girl growing up in district 12 supporting her family by the shot of her bow, not to mention the whole kill or be killed atmosphere in the arena, going to be? Anyway before I run on too much and ruin this amazing story I will conclude with a simple, I loved this read!-Cyndi

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Clockwork Angel: Cassandra Clare

One of the books that both Amanda and I have read recently is Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Angel. We were both excited to read this book as it takes place in the Shadow Hunter world that we both fell in love with in the Mortal Instruments Series. I enjoyed the book enough to have it read in a matter of days, but there was something lacking in this book compared to her Mortal Instruments trilogy-and the something missing wasn't incest, I definitely didn't miss that! I had fun with the story being told, yet I wasn't pulled into it like I am with so many other books. The problem for me was the characters, I just didn't feel like I got to know any of them-even the main "love interests", Jem and Will. I fell in love with Jem, he is an amazing character and one that I think could have had more story time. Will, the obvious love interest for the swooning teenage girl that still finds angst attractive (a' la Edward), was an interesting character that didn't really get to develop. I didn't understand the books name sake the 'clockwork angel' felt like an obscure after thought. At the end of the book, I was left wanting more incentive to read the next two books in this series. I will read them and I am sure that I will enjoy the next installment, I just wont be counting down the days until it is released.
-Cyndi & Amanda

The birth of our book club blog!

Hello all!
My sister Amanda and I have decided that although all of us are busy, and miles away from eachother, we can still have a book club. Where all of us bookies (the none bat wielding-high interest rate kind) can get together and share our thoughts, and express our feelings about books that we have read and loved, or hated. The blog title is the first 100 pages, simply because we want every reader to give the first 100 pages of any book a chance. So if you want to recomend a book, or if you want to read one on the list-you must be willing to read at least the first 100 pages of it, even if it is boring you to tears, are offended by it, or (gasps from cyndi) you don't like fantasy novels. We believe that giving any book , even one that isn't your cup of tea, 100 pages of your time can help us all to see the world from a different point of view.