Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cover Reveal!


It is just one short month away from the release date of Scars of the Earth, and that means it's cover reveal time! I'm excited for you to see the art work as well as share a review of the book with you from My Home Away From Home review blogger/author Nadege K. Richards:


When I got my hands on Scars of the Earth from Moore herself, I wasn’t amazed by how much I teared up, but how easy she transitioned that sadness into elatedness within a chapter. The story in itself is very different and full of paranormal angst. As I read I felt myself anticipating a lot of plot holes, as that is what I usually get from such a ‘mixed’—having a lot of different genre features—novel. Surprisingly, I found none and was very happy when I finished the book with no confusions whatsoever. Moore’s characters are a lot of fun and mysterious at the same time. When you are presented with the MC’s, Amanda’s, world and history, you are literally blown away by the creativity. Demons, healers, and venom? That’s enough to set my blood ablaze.

I really enjoyed both Amanda as a character and Moore’s loveable way of portraying her though her writing style. The writing has a very erratic tempo, and I don’t mean this in a bad way. From the very first few sentences you know you are going to love the story, and the way Moore’s writing comes off as so subtle, yet meaningful is something I strongly admire. Especially with the way the story begins, a slow, heartfelt beginning is necessary.

If you are looking for different—if you are looking for amazing!—this is the novel for you.

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