Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Musical Scares

Musical Scares by Monique O'Connor James

This is the first short story that I have ever felt compelled to write a review of, and although it's December and a little late for the Halloween horror season I would put your Christmas read on hold to give this story a chance. It couldn't have taken more than an thirty minutes to read, but I was fully captivated the whole time.

The main character is going to a haunted house, the place lets you in with five strangers and you must solve musical puzzles to get to the next station and through the haunted house. The only problem, besides the creepy guy dubbed redneck, the stations aren't so much riddles as they are riddled with things that will kill you. I enjoyed the read, but as with all short stories, I do wish there was more to it. The best scene for me was the very first station, when you realize that something crazy is happening. The other stations just can't compare to it, even the climax at the end. I think there was enough ideas and story to make it twice as long, but aside from me wishing that a  short story was long, I'd highly recommend this read.

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