Monday, May 13, 2013


Feudlings is book one in the Fate on Fire series by Wendy Knight.



Imagine if the Capulets and Montagues had magical powers and Romeo and Juliet were destined to kill each other, intriguing? You have no idea, unless you have read Feudlings of course. This young adult paranormal is well paced, well written, and has such a unique story line.

The main character, Ari, is an Edren—a particular family of sorcerers that throw red spells. She’s not just an Edren—but the Edren’s prodigy. The Edrens, much like the Montagues have an enemy clan called the Carules, they throw blue spells and also have a prodigy. This stranger that has been in hiding is the reason that she has never had a normal life, the reason that she can never stop hunting—because she must kill them, or risk being killed by them.

She has just shown up at a new boarding school and the resident eye candy, Shane, takes an interest in her. Their connection is intense and I love the way that their love story blossoms. For the first time in her life, Ari is experiencing the things that a normal senior in high school would, dances, friends, and a boyfriend…the only problem? Shane is the Carules’ prodigy and they are supposed to kill each other, not fall in love.  

I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys young adult or new adult paranormal romance.

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