Sunday, May 12, 2013

Saint Sloan

Saint Sloan by Kelly Martin is a young adult mystery with religious/spiritual undertones. If you don’t enjoy reading super religious books, don’t worry this story isn’t preachy or up on a soap box. It’s crafted in a way that both readers of Christian fiction and fans of other genres can enjoy it.

The book begins with the main character, Sloan getting attacked by a mystery person. She is saved before this psycho gets what he are after. Honestly I was surprised by how intense this book was, sometimes young adult ‘who done its’ are so obvious that they lack the edge of your seat factor. Well I had no idea who I could trust and then when I go to the end, the person I had suspicions about was not the culprit.


I thoroughly enjoyed this read; it kept me guessing and had a great message, not just a Christian message, but also talked frankly of bullying which is something that all teens should read about. I would recommend this for anyone that enjoys Christian fiction or mystery.

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