Monday, December 23, 2013

Amazing Author and a great book!


Chevelle Donahue thought going into work would be just like any other boring day at the mall. Sure, there was her annoying co-worker Wicken Sanders, and a promotional visit from teen heartthrob Timber Hudson, to watch and keep her entertained. But who was she kidding? Working retail was lame no matter what happened. 

A terrorist attack changes everything - an attack from aliens of all things. The patrons are given two options: comply or else. Complying means giving in to a new set of rules and changing her entire life. "Or else" means she has no chance of going home again. 

She must figure out the truth behind why the aliens are holding everyone hostage. In doing so, she risks her chance at freedom - but by the time she learns what's really happening, she might not want it.

Displaced for Christmas

Timber grabbed my arm and pulled me into the bathroom, the one place safe from all surveillance systems on the Star Ship Salvation. If he was taking me back there, he had to have something important to tell me.

"Chevelle, guess what?" He was bouncing like a kid, which was funny to see a grown man do, let me tell you.

I shrugged, clueless as to what all of the excitement was about.

He pointed to our homemade calendar drawn on the wall behind the toilet. When we boarded the ship, the Achlivans took away all of our time. No hours, no days of the week, no months, nothing. It was the aliens way of playing god in the lives of us poor humans. Looking at the small squares with dates marked on them, I couldn't pick out anything in particular that stood out to me.

Sighing heavily, he pointed to one date in particular. "Christmas Eve! It's Christmas!"

"What? Really?" Already? We'd left home in October. How could it be Christmas?

Timber must have been able to read my mind. He put an arm around me and gave me a small smile. "Hey now, no being sad, okay? I'm determined to make this a good holiday for all of us. We're having a special dinner, and if you ask really nicely, I'll give you one of my famous back rubs."

My cheeks grew warm at the thought of Timber giving me a back rub of any kind. I'm sure he meant it in all kinds of innocence, but the guy was also hard to read. Famous back rub could have included a number of things. Determined to play it cool, I rolled my eyes and casually stepped away from him.

"Fine, I'll have to come up with something really great as a present for you."

"Just keep it discrete. I'm not sure how our alien friends are going to feel if they know we know what day it is today. Something tells me if we're supposed to know, they would have made sure everyone was in the loop."

I nodded. "Discrete. I can do discrete."

"Cool! I'm going to get cooking. I think we'll make sugar cookies too. Wicken and Lara will enjoy those, right?"

"Yup!" I nodded, and watched him leave. Shaking my head, I sat down on the toilet, trying to figure out what to get for the guy who was used to having everything. Timber was a movie star back home. What could I possibly give him that he would want? He'd done so much to help me during all of this business with being taken by the aliens. I wanted to make sure he had something awesome. But what?

Then it hit me. I left the bathroom and threw on my shoes. "I'll be right back!"

I had some contraband music to go lift from the storage room.

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