Saturday, March 23, 2013


Easy by Tammarra Webber

 Warning adult content recommended for 17+
Let me start off by saying that it was easy to enjoy this book, okay now I have that out of my system. The first page of this book sucks you into any woman’s worst nightmare. The main character, Jacqueline, is leaving a frat party that her friend had talked her into attending. As she is leaving, sick to her stomach over watching her ex flirt with other women. When she reaches her truck, she is assaulted and pinned down by one of the frat members, Buck. He is drunk and has his mind set on having his way with her, she struggles and fights with everything in her until she realizes that it’s no use-he’s too strong. Just when she is sure that this drunken bastard is going to rape her, she is rescued by Lucas, a boy that she has never noticed before that moment.

Oh Lucas, there is not enough that I can gush about him. He is sexy, mysterious, messed up but not mean or winey. He is the perfect hero for Jacqueline. She is still broken hearted and stuck on her ex, and then the attack happens and she is too embarrassed to tell anyone, which is how many women feel in that situation.

After the attack, Lucas is everywhere, in her classes, working at the coffee shop she goes to with her best friend, Erin, and at the self-defense class that she and her bestie enroll in after buck tries to attack her a second time and she spills the beans to Erin. By the way Erin is so fun in the self-defense class scenes! It’s a rush for Jacqueline to see Lucas, because he’s so amazingly sexy and because he knows about the attack. But is she ready to move on from her ex, who was the whole reason she was even attending this school over the ones she actually wanted to go to. And could she even think about a relationship when she was terrified by Buck, who seemed dead set on getting what he wanted at any cost?

I loved this story so much, I loved how strong Jacqueline was and how tender and patient Lucas was with her. Too many times in these stories the hero with a tragic past is a tragic jackass to everyone, including the heroine. I would recommend this story to anyone that enjoys their books steamy and deep.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Busy Reading

I am busy reading a slue of books in the fairly new, New adult genre. So far I am devouring these reads. Two that have been great so far: Easy by Tammara Webber and On Dublin Street by Samantha Young. So if you're looking for a sexy, fun read that actually has a great story go pick these reviews will be up shortly, after I finish Hopeless by Colleen Hoover!

-Happy reading