Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Q&A Session with Indie Author, Merri Halma

    Greetings, thank you for having me, Cyndi. Indigo Traveler is a spiritual fantasy book for middle readers to adults.

   Xander Veh, a thirteen –years-old, is an Indigo teen who is very intuitive. He’s very telepathic, and often picks up what a person is thinking without meaning to. In another world, called Cura’, a war is brewing. The crow judge who is the unseen guardian of it, is sent to get Xander and bring him there to help them end it.

1. Who is your favorite character from Indigo Traveler and why?

    It is difficult for me to choose a favorite character in the series. If I did, I would say it likely my Minotaur, Donnair, because all he wants to do is sit or stroll around, playing his lyre, writing songs and poetry and entertaining the villagers with his stories. He doesn’t want to fight, but has learned some magic spells that are woven into his stories. My stories are about breaking stereotypes, to find the lovable being deep within.

2. When did you come up with the idea for the story?

    Indigo Traveler started out in 2001 when my son was two years old. He asked me to tell him stories, so I did. The stories evolved from there. I wrote one book based on them, but it is no longer on the market. I’ve been honing this series for quite a while. I’ve started and stopped many plot lines, that I still want to go back to and finish.

3. It’s the New Year, what would the main character’s New Year’s resolution be?

     Xander is not so sure about New Year’s Resolutions. Though, if he had one, it would be to get closer to Sarah, and find a way to get Geoffrey, his griffin from Cura’, to Nampa, Idaho. He also has learned to be careful what he wishes for and not to make wishes while he is with his friend, Milo, who has the ability to make wishes come to reality.

4. What sets Indigo Traveler apart from the other high fantasy novels on the market?

     To my knowledge, there are no other fictional or fantasy books out that have Indigo Children as the heroes. Few people are aware of the special kids; they need to see themselves in stories so they don’t feel so alone.

5. Is Indigo Traveler a stand-alone novel, or a series?

    In all, there will be about three books in this Indigo Traveler series.

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