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Q&A with the lovely Debey Sklenar

Knue who Slew the Dragon.



Q – Who is your favorite character from Knue and why?

A – Princess Eve. She's not afraid to do things her way, and she's very intelligent. Even the dragon in the story can't help but like her. Princess Eve is a very strong character, and I personally like strong female characters. I also like that she is not afraid to speak her mind and let her dislike of Uctus be known.

Q – When did you come up with the idea for the story?

A – Over a decade ago, and I must confess, another part of this trilogy—Love and Absinth—was really written first. Knue who Slew the Dragon actually grew out of that story. Princess Eve appears in Love and Absinth, and she (along with a couple of other characters) just sort of demanded to have their stories told. When they were complete, I sent them out to a few different agents, but fairy tales weren't in vogue at the time, so I just shoved them to the side and began working on other things. With the revolution in publishing that e-readers brought, in combination with the fairy tale genre becoming more popular, I thought I may as well dredge them back up, re-edit and proof them, and send them off into the world.

Q – It's the New Year, what would the main character's New Year's resolution be?

A – Great question! Knue is a character that is very unsure of himself. He does have courage, but doesn't believe he does. His New Year's resolution would be to emulate the courageous knights of the Continent. Hey, what a coincidence! That's exactly what he learns to do in the story!

Q – If you were to bump into your main character, would you find them at a concert, clothing shop, or book store?

A – Clothing shop!  :)  As mentioned above, Knue lacks self-confidence. He definitely wants to appear self-assured, even if he doesn't feel that way inside. In the tale, he actually wishes for different clothes as he heads out to follow the princess' plan. But maybe I've said too much . . . .

Q – Is Knue a stand-alone novel, or a series?

A – Both. Okay, I suppose I should explain a bit. Knue who Slew the Dragon was written with the intent to be able to stand alone. That said, however, it was also very much written in combination with two other fairy tales. The characters of each overlap, so that the two major characters from Knue who Slew the Dragon—Knue and Princess Eve—also show up in each of the other two tales. Each of the three tales were written in this way, so that you can find the two main characters from Love and Absinth in Knue too, and likewise with the final fairy tale, Sycorax and the Sorcerer.


And if I might stretch your imagination for a moment, watch out for time in the trilogy. Each story runs along its' own timeline, but if you compare the three tales to each other, you will find that time is not a chronological line. This was done to sort of question our concept of time. The same with certain overlapping scenes. In one tale, you might think you know what's going on, but another tale might have a very different viewpoint, and significance, for that identical event. This was done to question our perception of reality, and where better to do that than in a fairy tale?


I would like to point out once again, however, that these tales are each written with the ability to stand alone. So if you just want to read a charming, classical-style fairy tale, Knue who Slew the Dragon might be a good place to start.


Thank You, Cyndi, for having me on first100pages! I look forward to reading your blog to see what my fellow Idaho Authors are up to during the month of January, as well!

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She plans to have "Knue" free on Amazon on Friday, January 24th. She also plans to have "Love and Absinth" free on Friday, February 14th. She is hoping to get "Sycorax" ready to go before the end of January. So be sure to take advantage of these sale dates and keep an eye out for "Sycorax"!

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