Sunday, January 19, 2014

Q&A with Rick Just about his book, Blood Anjels

1. Who is your favorite character from Blood Anjels and why?

My favorite character is Lasa, the heroine. Secondary characters from a couple of my other books would rank as favorites of mine, but in this case it is the lead. Lasa is discovering herself in so many ways. She is honing her skills as a hunter, becoming proficient at aerial acrobatics, and finding her first love.

2. When did you come up with the idea for the story?

Around Christmas, 2012. I’m an artist as well as a writer. I had been doing a series of mixed media angels made from exotic woods and distressed copper. Those creations are nothing like the angels of myth and religion. I wanted to create a world for them. One morning the opening images for Blood Anjels came to me in that moment we relish between sleep and being fully awake.

3. It’s the New Year, what would the main character’s New Year’s resolution be?

She would resolve to live.

4. What sets Blood Anjels apart from the other angel novels on the market?

Mainly, the book draws next to nothing from popular mythology. Tacking wings on a human to make an angel always seemed preposterous to my scientific mind. The complexity of the musculature would make that nearly impossible, not to mention the enormous wingspread such a creature would have. The angels familiar to most people depend on the supernatural for their ability to fly. What a wonderful ability. I wanted to create a people who could fly because they evolved that way. My anjels are the apex predator of their world. They have a well-developed religion that resembles Christianity not in the least.

5. Is Blood Anjels a stand-alone novel, or a series?

I wrote Blood Anjels, which is an adult novel, as a stand-alone. I also wrote my first YA novel, Wizard Chase, as a stand-alone. It became a trilogy. I may come back to the world of Blood Anjels, someday, but I have two books in cue ahead of that. My next YA book, The Crappy Used Diary, should be out in the spring or early summer. My next adult book, Dog Run, should be ready in the fall. 

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