Friday, April 24, 2015

NOLA til you die!

I just got back from a research trip to New Orleans. The locals are so passionate about their amazing city. Banners reading NOLA til you die! hung from buildings and posts. After being there for a few days, I can see where the love comes from. The beauty, culture, and variety that New Orleans has to offer can not be beat.


We stayed in the French Quarter, which is where the tourists spend most of the time. The nightlife was colorful especially on Frenchmen st. and Bourbon st. Bonus to staying in the Quarter, we were right around the corner from where Marie Laveau's house once stood. The Voodoo queen may or may not be part of Landlocked's coming sequel.

As much fun as the French Quarter was, I found the garden district to be my favorite place in NOLA. Its ancient oaks and antebellum era homes took my breath away.

The cemeteries were hauntingly gorgeous and each tomb held the remains of multiple people. Some held over one hundred. We toured the ground during a torrential rain storm and the lightning cracking around us only added to the foreboding that I felt. It was not a place for the living. Something about having remains above ground made the place feel like a little city for the dead.


Though the city was like no other city in the world, this country girl's favorite experience was kayaking through the bayou! The tall cypress trees, giant creepy critters, and cascading Spanish moss made it feel like you were in another world. The swamps were indescribably beautiful and truly unique in appearance. I have floated many a river and I've boated in the ocean as well as out on various lakes... but the swamp land is completely different. If I could bring one thing back home with me it would be these beautiful marshes. These amazing ecosystems may not be around much longer as we are losing them at dramatic rates. Please visit this site, America's Wetlands and donate as much as you can to help restore the wetlands and save them for future generations of people and animals!

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